Friday, March 13, 2009

March 1, 2008
This blog is great! I love all the entries Tina has shared. With my first blog entry there are so many things I could share… Men's Golf Shower, the Baby Furniture Woes and QA, Mary coming to Dallas to help when Holden, Tina making this all look easy, etc.
I have to start by saying Tina has really taken each change and development of the pregnancy with great optimism and acceptance. Obviously, I'm asked many times how she is doing, and my response has been carefully reduced to the following, Tina is doing well however, she has a high tolerance for pain. I really don't know if she has had a fortunate pregnancy or the later. However, if you know Tina, you know her spirit and what better elixir is there than that!
The support we have received from friends and family has been amazing. The baby showers have been such a supportive experience. Everyone's generosity has been overwhelming. I love the green baby shower theme, the hand-my-downs are great and kid tested. As well your calls and notes of encouragement and well wishes in passing are very much appreciated.
I've picked up the trade of baby furniture assembly. It has been a difficult education. The running stroller, for example, was assembled in some what short order; however, that was only the first half of the job. The second was the QA (Quality and Assurance), which I had to decide if putting a stuffed animal in the stroller would be appropriate for a short run through the neighborhood... Tina wonders what the neighbors are saying… Then there was the baby crib that was assembled three times before the kick plate to lower the sides was assembled correctly. Yes, the whole thing had to be unassembled each time. It is the great mystery revealed that the baby furniture assembly trade is one of precision and blind faith, as the end product is not revealed until the final step is completed correctly.

Looking forward to posting about Holden's arrival!

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