Sunday, February 22, 2009

Actually February brings showers too.....

This morning I found myself surrounded by so many gift bags I thought it was Christmas at the White House. The craziness actually started a few weeks ago when my co-workers threw me a shower. They brought cake and ice cream and gave me a basket full of goodies. Then it continued on this past Wednesday.
Steve's coworkers surprised us with even more items from our registry and some good advice. Like, if its cold put some socks on your baby...apparently Dallasites are notorious for forgetting their babies' socks and hats in our tempermental weather. We also played games and found out that none of us are smarter than a fifth grader when it comes to our nursery rhymes. I especially enjoyed myself because I had only heard about his co-workers but had only met a few of them before that day.

Friday at work I was surprised again when the RT department all pitched in for a food spread that was out of this world. I was treated to a homemade cake from my friend Karri, Cutlets by Mini which are an Indian traditional food that is more like a tuna fish cake and Chicken Briani another traditional Indian food by my friend Sheela. They also gave me some towels and a BOPPY! This is a half donut pillow that can hold Holden while I change or help frees up my hands.

Continuing on... yesterday my girlfriends Caroline and Carrie went all out and had my friends and family over for THE Shower. I had all my friends from 10 years ago to my newer friends-- gather to help me celebrate the impending birth of my son. Steve and the fellas decided to leave all this fuss to the ladies and went for a couple rounds of golf. It made no difference to me, there was so much fun to be had and I didn't have to share. We had cupcakes, pizza, and lots of nice nibblies. This morning I had a huge gift hangover.... before I could get to the task of putting away all of my gifts, I had to say goodbye to my mom and aunt who came all the way up from San Antonio to help out my friends and to celebrate with us. You can see from the pictures how many gifts we received and how generous all my friends and family are! Wish me luck, I have my last shower this coming weekend with my friends and former co-workers from Doctors Hospital.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 Days of Steve

Steve's birthday is this Friday and I decided that just one day of celebrating was not nearly enough. Like most of my good ideas it came to be a little bit late, so instead of ending the 6 days on his actual birthday, this will end the day after his birthday.
Monday Steve had chicken w/ a wine roux sauce, butternut squash risotto and asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce.
Tuesday, I bought salmon stuffed w/ blue crab and baked that for 20 minutes , along side some seared scallops and a salad with citrus vinegrette and french bread crustini.
Wed, Steve has asked to cook his favorite chicken pesto w/ tortellini , mushrooms and sun-drid tomatoes. I will also serve garlic bread and a salad w/ basalmic vinegar.
Thursday we are going out to Mia's a Mexican Restaurant 2 blocks away with our condo neighbors which should be a good time, if not a complaint session about the lousy managment company and our horrible neighbor.
Friday HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE--I am cooking Chilean Sea Bass and some crab cluster legs w/ Steve's favorite butter sauce.
Saturday rounds out the 6th day and we are going out to Cuba Libre with 7 of our closest friends or the friends who RSVP'd.
That rounds out the plan to commemorate the wonderfullness of Steve, 6 days, 6 good meals.