Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 Days of Steve

Steve's birthday is this Friday and I decided that just one day of celebrating was not nearly enough. Like most of my good ideas it came to be a little bit late, so instead of ending the 6 days on his actual birthday, this will end the day after his birthday.
Monday Steve had chicken w/ a wine roux sauce, butternut squash risotto and asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce.
Tuesday, I bought salmon stuffed w/ blue crab and baked that for 20 minutes , along side some seared scallops and a salad with citrus vinegrette and french bread crustini.
Wed, Steve has asked to cook his favorite chicken pesto w/ tortellini , mushrooms and sun-drid tomatoes. I will also serve garlic bread and a salad w/ basalmic vinegar.
Thursday we are going out to Mia's a Mexican Restaurant 2 blocks away with our condo neighbors which should be a good time, if not a complaint session about the lousy managment company and our horrible neighbor.
Friday HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE--I am cooking Chilean Sea Bass and some crab cluster legs w/ Steve's favorite butter sauce.
Saturday rounds out the 6th day and we are going out to Cuba Libre with 7 of our closest friends or the friends who RSVP'd.
That rounds out the plan to commemorate the wonderfullness of Steve, 6 days, 6 good meals.

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