Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip!

This past weekend we took Holden to Kansas to meet his cousins and see his grandparents. He only fussed a tad and slept most of the 8 hour trip, much like his father and I do when we make the long trek to Steve's hometown. Friday we were fed like royalty as Sally and Bob grilled salmon and treated us to some good beer. Saturday we introduced Holden to the Tasty Pastry, where Holden met a 94 year old man, celebrating his birthday. After enjoying the local delicacies we returned home to await the arrival of the cousins!! Steve and I were very excited to get a peek at Clayton who was born 10 days before Holden. As you can see from the photo the boys hit it off. Holden who may possibly be an only child was very generous and shared his favorite toy at the moment, his surfboard. Holden also met Riley who held him, and Shelby who "borrowed" some of his toys. It was also great to see Uncle Bryan, Aunt Kris and Aunt Connie. We had a lot of fun comparing milestones and seeing all the kids play. We also squeezed in a visit to Steve's friends The Craigs. Holden was so comfortable around Erica that he fell asleep , after drooling just a bit on her shirt.

Next weekend we hit the road again, this time in our brand new Crossover/station wagon/SUV/not minivan Freestyle, we purchased from Grandpa Bob. Its very nice and has 3 row seating for when our furry children join us on our travels. So next stop San Antonio, and hopefully Holden will travel as well as he did this past weekend. He will be reunited with his Great Grandmother
, whom he met a few weeks ago.

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