Monday, January 5, 2009

Texas Hold Em

Today marked the first day Steve and I were expected to return to work after the holidays. So of course we scheduled our sonogram to cut our work day to under 8 hours. Everyone else at our doctor's office had the same idea as the waiting room was packed w/ other pregos and expectant dads. After waiting awhile, they call my name and no sooner do I reach the hallway did I pipe up "can we have a DVD, please?" You see with the technological advances these days, you can have your sonogram recorded on that slick paper and on a timeless DVD. But you have to act quickly, anyone who's ever visited a doctor's office will find that those people are quick and to the point, you pause-- you lose. This goes double for OB/GYN offices. Once I paused to put my shoes on , after being weighed and my nurse left me and I had to chase after her, so I could find my exam room. But I digress....

So we get ready to see our son, and are left only to wait, again. Finally our doctor arrives and quickly and to the point-ly, he gets to pushing on my tummy. He ooh and ahs and says, "Oh this looks good, no problems, etc etc." "Do we know what we're having?"
I say "a boy?" "Yes, you're still having a boy."
You hear about these horror stories where they tell you the wrong sex and that would stink because we've already picked out a name. In fact we've picked out a name, have been teased and at times harrassed about the name. So we have grown attached to it or at the very least have witty comebacks, now.

Nothing else that day was as eventful as seeing Holden in black and white-we even saw an ear this time. That is until Steve came home and announced that Holden has yet anthor suggested nickname. I say another-- because my sister said she intends to call our son HP the laser jet. Anyhoo-- when Steve was talking about our son's name at work his boss tells him that his nickname could be ... in Texas Hold 'em. (get it Hold-en, Hold 'em)
I'll just put that in our birth plan...instead of congratulations..its a boy... they should say

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