Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tonight, as I watched the Biggest Loser I finished Holden's first Halloween costume. Its also the first thing I've ever sewn/made by hand. I actually was kind of fun and didn't take that long... I'm thinking I might like this sewing thing. My mom helped a lot, she helped me with the bobbin and all that jazz, and honestly in the beginning I didn't think I'd make it through. I thought I'd chuck the whole idea and just go buy something. Steve likes it so much he thinks we'll put Holden in it all the time. I'm thinking Thanksgiving would be a good time to test this theory, see what happens when I stroll through airport security with my little monkey.

Besides modeling mommie's latest fad, Holden is doing really well in his swimming lessons. He also is cruising right along and has figured out how to sit down or as we call it "go boom."

I love this picture, he looks like an actual monkey clinging to his G-ma Mary.

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  1. Very cute. Nice job. I'd say you have a real talent for sewing. I want to see a turkey for Thanksgiving!